Butterfingers is back

“Goal Butterfingers ” is the second one in the butterfingers series published by the author, khyrunnisa A.  Amar kishen or butterfinger(a name given to him by his father) as he is popularly known has got a penchant for dropping things is obsessed with football comes with a brillilant  plan of   a “Wold Cup Football” match in the Green Park School,a  school football tournament where each class will play as a different ‘country’.  But this plan also dooms with obstacles, when  the new English teacher, Sourpuss, puts a stop to football practice. When Amar and his friends participate in a protest rally, trying to prevent a pesticide factory from coming up, their Princi hands out match bans.  And in the final world cup match with “Butterfingers” as the goalie wins the world cup match and the winners trophie is handed over to butter-finger and team by the famous writer “Bikram Dev” who is none other than the new English teacher Ms. Deshpande,”Sourpuss”.


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