House of Cards By Sudha Murthy : A Review !

Title: House of Cards
Author: Sudha Murty
Genre: Fiction / Drama
Publishers: Penguin Publications

“House of Cards” is a story bringing into force the suburban lives of people, with the simplicity of village life clashing with the city life. Mridula , the protagonist is a young , smart and hardworking girl.She is introduced as the daughter of Bheemanna, who is a very rich person in Aladahalli, a small village near the towns of Hubli , in Karnataka. She enjoys her life, and is always brimming with energy. Years pass by and Mridula grows up into a beautiful young lady, and talk of marriage starts. Then Sanjay comes into the picture , a talented, but poor doctor, who works in Mumbai.

Mridula is a mother’s girl and her dad’s world , She marries Sanjay for his intelligence and simplicity . After marriage Sanjay slowly starts moving from the life of a doctor from a government hospital to that of a hospital magnate.Things appear to go smoothly, till he takes up private practice after getting tired of the job at a government hospital.Money and more money , becomes his ultimate goal of life. The tension of too much money and sudden success seems inevitably slides into corrupt means and practices.Material success does not change Mridula but strains her relationship with Sanjay. Their son , Shishir , who is pampered by his dad , grows distant from Mridula .

The story line is based on how the family overcomes all these issues and realizes the better meaning of life and family .Its a must read book for any Indian who is aware of how Money and fame can strain personal relationships.”Money is a useful tool , its like a knife , you can either kill a person with it , or cut an apple ” A character sums it up wisely .

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