Tuesdays with Morrie- Author:Mitch Albom

This book is a very touching book .The book mainly deals with the conversations that the author has with his professor with whom he lost touch for almost two decades. He reunites with this Sociology Professor who is at the last stages of a terminal illness ALS . He recalls the earlier days when he used to have a class with his Professor every Tuesday. Now that he meets him ,they decide to begin classes again on Tuesdays ,But now the topic is “meaning of life”.
Throughout the book we see how this professor welcomes death with dignity. Though he is in pain and has to depend on somebody for every single act, he never shows any self pity. Instead he showcases courage ,optimism and humour.He never mourns or grieves his illness but tries to live the last few days meaningfully and happily.The book has 14 Tuesday classes each discussing different aspects of life.forgiveness family ,world caring for the society, to mention a few.
The relationship between the student and the professor is almost like a Son Dad relationship and when meets Morrie on the 14th Tuesday for the last time he cries for the first time in many years.The beauty of the book is that it does not talk too much about the illness or how the professor suffered physically.The conversation itself makes us understand how Morrie sees life and how he is ready to face death
The Tuesday lessons are not just for the author, but for all of us.

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