The cuckoo’s calling: A suspense thriller

The book contains a prologue ,five chapters and an epilogue . The prologue of the story starts with the death of a model Lula Landry whose body was found below her balcony and her death is believed to be a suicide. The story starts with the arrival of a temporary employee Robin Ellacot who comes to the office of Cormoran strike who is a private detective. At first the latter does not prefer the former but as time passes they get close. Cormoran is approached by John Bristow who is the elder brother of his former friend Charlie Bristow and the famous model Lula Landry. John Bristow wants to find the real murderer of his sister . John ,Charlie and Lula are adopted children of Mr and Mrs Bristow. Charlie dies at the age of eight due to falling from a quarry. As the story goes on Mr. Strike talks to everyone related to Lula Landry like her boyfriend Evan Duffield, friends Ciara Porter, Rochelle Onifade, driver,  flat’s security, brother, uncle, designer, mother, costume designer and neighbours Mr & Mrs Bestigui . Mrs Bestigui was supposed have heard Lula before her death talking with a male and saw her falling down the balcony. Cormoran discovers that Lula was trying to find her real parents. Later Rochelle is murdered by the same murderer . Readers get to know about Cormoran ‘s personal  life as they read. Cormoran is the son of a famous lead singer Jonny Rokeby and Leda strike and he has a lot of half brothers and half sisters. He describes Lucy as his favourite sister.

In some parts of the story we get to know about the arguments between robin and her boyfriend Mathew. At the last part of the story we get to know about the real murderer of  Lula Landry who is none other than her own brother John who wants the money of Lula and he is envious of the love given to her. It is revealed at the last than John killed both Charlie and Rochelle also. According to Lula’s last will her whole fortune is to be given to Joan ageyeman who is her real half brother.


R. Nithyashree


One thought on “The cuckoo’s calling: A suspense thriller”

  1. The review gives a good thematic explanation of the content. You may expand it by analyzing the characters and the plot. Also say a little about the author and his(her) writing style.


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