The Fault in Our Stars: An unique experience

DSC06299This book will make you weep.

This book will make you cry.

But whenever someone asks you your favorite book,this book will surely make a place in the list.

Narrated by the 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster,who was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was 13, the story tells us about her  life which she spent idly until she meets Augustus Waters at her Cancer Support Group,Augustus has a prosthetic leg, also thanks to cancer — in his case, osteosarcoma. But he has been cancer free for years, and he comes to support group mostly to give Isaac(who is his friend having eye-cancer) company.  Augustus(Gus)  and Hazel are both witty and clever, as well as quirky, so they quickly connect.

Hazel suggests Gus to read her favorite book  ‘An Imperial Affliction’  which he does. The book is about a girl with cancer, Anna, but one which eludes all the usual cancer novel cliches.She has read the book countless times and is a bit nervous about sharing it with Augustus, but he gets the book in the same way she does. The book stops in the middle of a sentence (indicating Anna has died or fallen too sick to write) and Hazel always wanted to know what happens to the other characters in the book. 

To fulfill Hazel’s wish Augustus contacts the author of AIA,Peter Van Houten, who agrees to tell her what happens but only if she can come to Amsterdam, where he resides. Augustus tells her that if she’s fit enough for the trip,he’ll be happy to take her. 

Things come to a head when Hazel ends up in the hospital in critical stage.Life is short,and Hazel doesn’t want to spend it all at home when she has the opportunity to go to Amsterdam and meet the author of her favorite book .

I had an amazing time reading (and re-reading 5 times) this book,not to mention the tears I shed.The story is funny,sad and cruel.But you will love it, its a must read! The witty,lovely Hazel and Handsome,caring Augustus will stick to your hearts forever!A 4.5/5  for the best work by John Green yet.

Aajma Manoj


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