Percy Jackson: Reading an Action Thriller

DSC06274This book is fun filled thriller with fast-paced action. This is the 3rd part book of this series. The protagonist of this story is a 14-year old demigod hero Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon (the god of seas) who sets out on a rescue operation along with his friends- Thalia, the daughter of Zeus (the king of gods), Grover, a Satyr (half human and half goat), Zoe Nightshade, a huntress and the follower of Artemis (the goddess of hunting) and Bianca Di-Angelo, another huntress, to save Annabeth, the daughter of Athena (the goddess of wisdom) and Artemis. They have to overcome the Titan’s curse which says that out of 5 who sets, only 3 will survive.One will be lost in the land without rain and the other person will be killed by his/her parent’s hand. And it also says that one has to bestow the Titan’s curse. Who will be that unfortunates?  They meet many unexpected monsters on the way, making the journey extra fun.

Grover’s humorous jokes add spice to the book. They have also got to save the entire universe from Kronos’s powerful general-the mysterious guy, battling him and his legions like –the manticore (half human and half lion) and Luke, the son of Hermes, etc this action- thriller becomes witty, touching and satirical.

The most interesting and the part I liked is where the writer reveals the thrilling elements of suspense in his book. There was just something lacking in this book. Percy came off as a bit hog and bit petulant. Good character development, negative characters well depicted, creepy new minions and a good thriller with lots of mind-blowing action sequences but a bit slow at times, I am giving this book – 4 out of 5 stars.

Rahul C. K.

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