Steve Jobs : The Exclusive Biography by Isaacson

Making the iBio for the apple genius could have never been an easy task.Jobs, who had it all , who transformed the way technology was looked at and turned all those lessons from childhood into a purposeful theory that ruled the world for almost  a decade.As a biographer of Einstein and Benjamin Franklin , Walter Isaacson has got an elegant style of delivering the lives of legends to common man,though, writing about someone who is almost dying of pancreatic cancer, who’s family is going through a tough phase , to extract it all in a time frame and to refer to the living as past and carefully balancing it all, are very challenging issue that Isaacson has handled beautifully.

As a kid he was a rebel who made his parents move out of their old house and get a new one which was way beyond their means only because he wanted to enroll into a better school, as an adult he was an authoritarian who liked seeing things only in his way and detested another individual’s opinion.Yet, he had a caliber that would remain unmatched.He knew what people wanted even before they desired.He gave a new dimension to how innovation could be looked at. He copied, stole, took major unethical steps. But he delivered, Something not a common made would be capable of.

He believed in Picasso’s words – Good artists copy, Great Artists steal. But he is a legend , because he knew what he was doing.

This is the essence that the book carries.


Rakshanya Sekar

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