A School Diary written by Mr Oliver

DSC06307Pure vindictiveness on the part of the Headmaster, putting me in charge of the school party for the entire duration of the train journey from Kalka to Simla. A day of sheer misery for me. Over a hundred small boys doing their best to sabotage the train….”

Mr. Christopher Oliver is a boys prep school teacher who loves writing diary. He is assigned the duty of bringing a group of boys to Simla from Kalka. Three days after they reach school, two boys from class 4 runaway and Mr. Oliver is asked to bring them back. He finds them just outside Kalka and comes to know that they hated school. He pacifies them and brings them back. Oliver buys himself a parrot as he loves pets.

On April1 everyone gets up late, missing the P. T. as the bell goes missing. The whole school gets punished. Mr. Oliver suspects Mirchandani ( Mirchi) as he noticed the boys giving him dirty looks. Oliver names his pet Totaram (Tota). A common wealth middlewieght boxing champion Buster Bragge arrives. He challenges Mr. Oliver who gives Mr. Bragge a ferocious blow that gives him a nosebleed. Someone disfigures the school founder’s portrait but on seeing the Headmaster’s anger, Popat of class 1 confesses the crime and promises to clean the portrait. A cyclonic storm hits the school and the neighbouring girl’s school catches fire in a lightning. The school cricket team loses a match as they are all out for 15 runs. Mrs. Tonks, the girl’s school headmistress, presents the boy’s school with a bucket of goldfishes along with some tadpoles. The tadpoles grow into frogs which become a nuisance. The boys go for frog hunt and leave all the frogs in the girl’s swimming pool. The Headmaster goes missing and returns after 2 days and 3 nights. The Independence day functions  are a blast with firecrackers and minor injuries.

The Headmaster announces that Miss Anjali Ramola (who Mr. Oliver secretly admires) is leaving the school to get married. Mr. Oliver is devastated but he feels that it is his fate. Oliver’s wig is taken away by a hawk when he goes swimming to take his mind off things. He resolves not to wear a wig since he does not have anybody to impress anymore. He decides to leave the prep school. It comes as a surprise to Mr. Oliver when Anjali Ramola returns (she was supposed to get married to an IT professional in Bangalore). She reveals that both of them had changed and it was pointless marrying. She also confesses that she likes Mr. Oliver. They are finally engaged and soon get married.

Reshma Karthikeyan

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