Tales from Shakespeare: The Tempest

iPad-book-The-TempestProspero, the rightful duke of Milan, has been betrayed and cast off into the open ocean with his young daughter Miranda. Their boat comes to an island where they live for many years in safety. The people who betrayed him, his brother Antonio, Alonso the King of Naples, Ferdinand Alonso’s son and others had gone to a wedding in N. Africa and on their way home, Prospero magically brings their ship to his island. Prospero, when he was in his country, gave his political powers to his brother and pursued his studies, i.e. magic and the occult. With the powers he learned, he had freed a spirit from the witch Sycorax, who had died. The spirit, whose name was Ariel, became a slave to Prospero. Prospero also enslaved a monster called Caliban, whose mother was Sycorax. Ferdinand gets separated from the others and meets Miranda, who falls in love with Ferdinand, the innocent and decent son of Alonso. Ahead in the story, all ends well, Prospero is to be reinstalled the duke of Milan, the brothers reconcile, Miranda and Ferdinand will marry and the spirit Ariel is to be freed from Prospero’s control and Caliban is also to be freed to be his nasty self.

Abbey Abraham Mathew


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