Mahashweta: Raising above Prejudices

DSC06312This book  is  about  Anupama  who  with  determination  rebuild  her  life  fighting  against  leukoderma. Anand  and  Anupama  falls  in  love  with  each  other  and  with  blessing  from  their  elders  they  both  gets  married. As Anupama is  from  a  poor  family  and  Anand  from  a  rich  latter’s  family  was  not  so  satisfied  by  her  daughter-in-law.Then a  month  after  their  marriage  Anand  goes  to  England  for  further  studies  and  Anu  was  also  going  to  accompany  him  after  Lakshmi-pooja  and at the  time  of  lakshmi  pooja  a  hot coal  fell  on  her  foot  and  severely  burnt  it. Then  a  couple  of  days  later  something  she  saw  she so that she has white patch on her feet. She was worried. She suspected if it was the symptom of leukoderma. To verify this she went to a doctor. At that time, leukoderoma had ruined many marriages, shattered many hearts, broken many engagements, it was consider a curse of god for that lady. Anu then decided that not to tell anybody and continue treatment. But one day by coincidence her in – laws saw her from coming out of the clinic. And she was forced to return to her parents house. Her father had remarriage after her mother’s death and her step mother dislike her. As she is in their house her step mother barbed her that she has become a burden for her parents and she was forced contemplate suicide. But suddenly she gets will power and goes to Bombay and works as a clerk. Then days passed and she gets a job as a Sanskrit teacher. Then she meets with an accident and has two doctors as enduring friends. After an year Anand realizes his mistakes and searches for Anu. Mean time her friend – doctor proposes her for marriage. After a week Anand finds Anu and ask for forgiveness to him. And asks her to come with him. But after finding the truthfulness of  life she rejects both and decides to live alone.

This book is an inspiration for all whose suffers prejudice in society. And I hope by reading this book all will raise like Anupama.

 Arsha Suresh


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