Tales from Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

1774In the story, it is the eve of the marriage of Theseus, the duke of Athens to Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. Four young people are important in the story, Hermia, whose father, Egeus has given his word to Demetrius that he may marry her. Then there was another young noble, Lysander, who also is in love with Hermia (and she him), and finally there is Helena, who is a serving girl to Hermia, wasin love with Demetrius.

Then there is a fairy king, Oberon and queen, Titania. They are fussing over a young boy who she is caring for but in Oberon’s point of view, caring too much. And then Oberon, when he is  alone, finds all the four lovers in the forest but separated from each other. Oberon casts love magic on the people who he thinks are lovers. But really they are not. And at last, Demetrius and Helena loved each other and Hermia and Lysander loved each other.

Abbey Abraham Mathew

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