The Hundred and One Dalmations: Dogs, Puppies and More

DSC06331This book is about two people, Mr.  & Mrs. Dearlys, their dogs, Pongo & Missis, and their 15 puppies. Cruella De Vil , Mrs. Dearly’s old school friend wanted the puppies for fur coats. So she steals the puppies and takes them to Hell hall, Cruella De Vil’s old family estate. The police were unable to find the puppies and this was all over news. Pongo and Missis use the “twilight bark” to ask for help from the other dogs in London. The story goes on as Pongo & Missis , with the help of many other animals , reach their puppies. They find that there are many other puppies other than their own, waiting to be skinned. Pongo and Missis started to lead the big crew back to their home, when they realized that they were chased by Cruella. They took shelters in barns, farms etc when they were almost caught by some farmers by locking the gates where they had been sheltering. In the way, they fell into ash, and became black in colour. A horse helped them open the gates and they never stopped till they reached home. But the Dearlys didn’t recognize them, so Pongo instructed everyone to rush in and scrub on the carpet. The Dearlys then understood that these dogs were theirs. The police caught Cruella De Vil and their men. And seeing surplus dogs, they put up flyers for their owners. But none came. So, they adopted them. They bought reconstructed the hell hall and moved there where all 101 Dalmatians were safe and comfortable. This is a very nice book and I recommend you all to read this novel.

Chandana Hari

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