Tales from Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale

w.taleIn the first part of the story, King Leontes of Sicily is with his beloved wife, Hermione and a dear royal friend from Bohemia, Polixenes. He came from Bohemia to visit his friend. But his repeatedly being with the queen, made the king jealous. He sent his wife to prison. This was seen by the king’s son, Mamillius, who later died of grief. When she was in prison, she gave birth to a girl child. The cruel Leontes sent a royal subject to leave her on a deserted coast of a faraway island. The subject accidently leaves the child on the coast of Bohemia, the country of Polixenes. Then the queen also dies. He then felt regret for his actions.

A shepherd finds the baby. He adopted her and nursed her tenderly. Perdita, the baby, grew up to be a beautiful maiden. The king, Polixenes had a son Florizel. They disguised themselves and visited the shepherds house. Then Florizel sees Perdita and falls in love with her and she him.

Who Perdita really was, was later discovered in the story. In a mad rush of confusion all gets resolved in many ways. And Leontes, along with his daughter, he also got back his wife, who really had not died. Everything ends happily.

Abbey Abraham Mathew


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