In the Wonderland, with Alice

One day Alice was getting bored sitting DSC06323on a riverbank. Suddenly she saw a white rabbit pass by. It was wearing a waistcoat. Alice followed it and reached the wonderland. She drank something and shrank. After that she ate a cake and became nine feet tall. She cries and her tears form a pool. The caterpillar gives her some important advice. In the Duchess garden the Cheshire cat gives directions to the Mad-Tea party. Alice doesn’t like it and she went to the croquet ground. She plays croquet and suddenly a quarrel takes between the players. Finally Alice, king and the queen were left. The queen tells Alice about the mock turtle. The queens pet Gryphon an ugly creature takes Alice to visit the mock turtle. Alice and the Gryphon heard the sad story of the mock turtle. Then suddenly Gryphon took Alice to the court.

There someone stole the tart and the king and the queen was hearing the witness. The Mad Hatter was telling the incidents and the king sent him back. The white rabbit called Alice as the next witness. The king asked Alice about the tarts. Then the white rabbit said that there are more witnesses and there was a paper in the rabbit’s hand. The rabbit said that the prisoner wrote it to somebody. It was not a letter it was a set of verses .The king ordered to read it. There was a dead silence in the court. The rabbit read out the verses.

The king said that the line “said I could not swim” is related to the knave. Alice said something very bad and the queen and Alice started quarreling. Suddenly the pack of cards flew into the air and came flying down upon her. She gave a little scream and tried to beat them. She was lying on the riverbank; her head was on her sister’s lap. Alice describes the dream to her sister. She lived happily thinking about her happy summer days.

Sreelekshmi Sreekumar

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