The True Story of the Heaven on Earth

DSC06306The book is ‘The Homecoming” written by Shashi Warrier.

It all started when Javed Sharif a business man in Bangalore who sells carpets etc.. from Kashmir,his hometown, visited his home surprisingly for his fathers eighty fourth birthday.He has 3 children.The eldest one Fawzi ,then Irfan and Razia. Fawzi helps with his business in banglore while Irfan helps with production in Kashmir. Razia is a doctor.His wife died  long ago and he missed the childhood of his children as he was busy with work.He admires and respects his Baba very much.His Ammi takes care of Baba. On the day of Babas birthday party,a knock in the door changed his life forever. Javed and Irfan was arrested on charges of a massacre held before. Javed left the prison the next day as he was mistaken for another Javed.

But the police had evidence against Irfan and he was kept for trial in the court.After that,the book tells about the difficulties in prison and the procedures of law which can take weeks,months or years.After the arrest, neighbours and friends deserted Javed and his family. Only one of his friends Hassan, helped them who is also a doctor and took care of Baba while Javed was in Bangalore. He had a friend named Sujatha,whom he could not marry as she asked him to convert to Hinduism for the marriage. But Javed sent her mails regarding his problems and they used to meet when he was in Bangalore.As months passed away,several incidents happen that reveals the true identity of Kashmir and the suffering people.

There was some crisis with money for Javed and he returned to Bangalore check his business.By this time,Javed’s brother Muhammad became a minister. But he was not cooperating whole heartedly for Irfan’s bail. after reaching Bangalore, Javed  was shocked to hear that Fawzi married Susan without anybody’s knowledge. He was double shocked when Fawzi took their house in Bangalore for himself and his wife and also withdrawed eight lakhs from their account.He also discouraged their customers as he was not interested to continue with his father’s business .After afew days  he went back to Kashmir,his father died. His Ammi blamed Javed for all the troubles.He went to Bangalore again to continue business as there was no money left for Irfan’s bail.There , Sujatha broke all the relationship with Javed as she didn’t want any misunderstanding during her son’s marriage.

In between, Javed got a letter from his father who gave the letter to a lawyer friend of him which tells that Hassan was his brother.

This much was more than enough for Javed to   bear. After losing his son and father, Javed’s only expectation was Razia.When he went back to Kashmir , Ammi and Razia already shifted to Muhammad’s house. He also found that Razia was in touch with Fawzi all these time.

When he was alone , a friend of Irfan visited him and he came to know that Irfan actually took part in the massacre.In the end, Javed was left alone , betrayed by all his family and friends .

This book gave me all the required  knowledge about Kashmir, the shelling across the LINE OF CONTROL and sufferings of the people who are fed up of the fake promises of political leaders ,who live in fear every second, who lost their land , home and family , who are forced to become terrorists, and who lost their faith in everything .

This book is indeed worth for reading and I recommend this book to everyone.

Nila Nair

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