A Midsummer Night’s Dream

DSC06311Here is the summary of the famous book  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare.

Egues was a well respected man in Athens he had a lovely daughter called Hermia . Hermia loved Lysander but Egues wanted her to marry Demetrius . Helena was Hermia’s best friend Demetrius loved Hermia truly but Helena was in love with Demetrius . As her father didn’t allow Hermia to marry Lysander they decided to run away to the woods . Helena knew this and said to Demetrius . the fairy queen had a Indian boy that she loved but the king wanted the Indian boy to make him his slave . But the queen didn’t agree and they had a quarrel . In his anger he sat on a branch . He saw Helena and Demetrius passing by and saw Helena pleading Demetrius to marry her . King understood how much she loved him and decided to make them together . He then remembered a herbal medicine which can make anyone in love with anyone . He called his servant Puck and asked to collect some of it . King made a juice out of it and gave some to puck and asked to pour it into the eyes of a person wearing Athens dress . Puck saw Lysander and thought he is the one who was mentioned by the king . He poured the juice on lysander’s eyes and . Helena came and saw Lysander she didn’t see Hermia because of the darkness she called Lysander and asked where is Hermia . He woke and saw Helena and was in love with her . He went behind Helena . Puck went to king and said he had done the work they saw Lysander pleading  to Helena to marry him king asked him to write the juice on the eyes of the right person . He saw Demetrius  he poured the juice on Demetrius eyes .

Hermia woke up to see that Lysander was no where to be seen . She wandered in search of him . She came to clearing where she saw Demetrius at that moment Lysander and Helena came to the same spot Demetrius woke and saw Helena at firs and became in love with her . There was a big fight between all of them seeing this the fairy king ordered Puck to make them all sleep and make them think all of this was just a dream and make Demetrius love Helena . Puck did as he was told and made them sleep . Through the forest came the king of  Athens married they saw four young people . Egues was with them he at last agreed to Hermia to marry Lysander.

Nicol Theresa Sunny

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