To Kill a Mockingbird: An Evergreen Classic

DSC06275This classic book is written by Harper Lee. The book revolves around Scout Finch and her small family consisting of her father Mr Atticus Finch who is an advocate in the Maycomb country, Alabama where they live and her big brother Jem Finch. The story starts when, Dill starts to visit them in his each summer vacations. In their colony their lives Boo Radley whom the children are very curious about because nobody knows anything much about him and the elders are hesitant to talk about him and his family. When Jem and Scout return from school they find small gifts in the hollow space of a tree in the Radley’s place.

The problem starts when Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson a black man where he is accused of raping a white girl named Mayella Ewell. Atticus and his family faces many oppositions for defending a black man. Atticus very convincingly proves that Tom Robinson is innocent but the judge gives his verdict in favour of Mayella Ewell. Though proven innocent Mayella’s father finds that nobody believes in them and very angry at Atticus, spits on his face. Tom who is innocent tries to escape from jail and gets shot.

Mayella’s father Bob Ewell as revenge, attacks Jem and Scout while they return from a Halloween night at school. In the fight drunken Bob Ewell dies and the children escape with the help of Boo Radley who comes to their rescue without many injuries. Atticus believes that Jem has killed Bob but the cop who comes to investigate convinces Atticus that Bob fell into his own knife in the struggle.

Boo Radley after taking Scout and Jem to their home safely asks Scout to leave him till his house. After saying good night to Boo Radley she puts herself in the shoes of Boo and understood why he liked to keep to himself and regrets for not repaying him for his gifts.

Aditi Dileep

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