Hans Brinker

P1050984This story is about the Brinker family. There was a boy named Hans Brinker who lived in Broek, Holland with his sister, Gretel, mother, Dame and father, Raff who has a mental problem.
Once it was announced in Broke that there was to be a skating competition on the birthday of Mrs. Van Gleck’s birthday and the winner will gets pair of silver skates. Hans and Gretel really want to participate in the race but are unable because they don’t have proper skates, only wooden ones made by Hans. That’s when Hilda Van Gleck gives them her money to them. But, she has only money enough to buy one pair of skates. Hans and Gretel fight over who is better at skating. Hans says Gretel is better and Gretel says the opposite.

At last, Hans has the skates. On the way he meets the famous Meester (physician) of Holland. Hans asks the Meester if the money he has is enough to treat his father. The Meester is really overcome by Hans’ love for his father that he accepts to treat his father free of charge. Then Hans buys the skates. When the Meester comes to treat Raff, he says that only an operation can cure him, but it may also kill him. After the operation, they waited and saw if he wakes up. When he woke up the happiness in the house was like it had never seen in 10 years. Then came the race in which Gretel won and Hans only lost because he gave his skates straps to Peter van Holp whose straps had broke.

And everyone was happy and in the conclusion of the book, Hans becomes a very famous physician and Gretel becomes a famous singer.

Gayathri Sankar


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