Fantasy at its Best: The Chronicles of Narnia

DSC06282‘The Chronicles of Narnia‘ is a fantasy story by C. S. Lewis. It consists of 7 chapters which are equally exiting. page after page the reader experiences a new turn and thrill in the book. This book is about Narnia, a dreamy world where animals and trees can talk, which is created by the great lion king Aslan.

It all starts from Digory and Polly going to Narnia by accident and involve in the battles and come back through a wardrobe. Then comes the siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy through the same wardrobe after many years then they discover that the queen who rules is not the real ruler of Narnia, and they also come to know that she has Edmund with her, and only Aslan can save their brother.

So they go on searching for Aslan who is now missing. when he is found they go on for a battle and save Edmund and at last they save Narnia from the witch and from that day onwards they are known as the kings and queens of Narnia ,after many years (according to Narnia time) the children come back and is amused to know that the real time on earth hasn’t gone at all. on the next chapter comes a new person known as Shasta and two children and their talking horses, this is completely set up at Narnia at this time the siblings along with the Narnians save Narnia again.then comes prince Caspian and the siblings are called back to Narnia and once again all of them together fight against the prevailing ruler Miraz and once again save Narnia now that Susan and peter has grown u they are not any more allowed on Narnia. after that one day Lucy, Edmund and their cousin Eustace go on to Narnia and save the narnians from the dragon.

In the second last chapter Eustace and his friend Jill go to Narnia to save the price Rilian who is price Caspian’s one an only child, at last they save him and came back to earth.on the last and final part of the Narnia series it tells about an ape called shift and a monkey called puzzle ( who is the master but he is controlled by shift)at this time when the siblings where going to go, Susan refused to go and said that she no longer believing in Narnia and those were things which happened at childhood like a game. At this time  shift asks puzzle to dress in a lion’s form and pretend like Aslan. when people have confusion only some people like peter, Edmund, Lucy , Eustace ,Jill, Polly ,bDigory, jewel (the unicorn),King Tirian ( present king of Narnia) and some more support Narnia and believe the real Aslan .

Atlast the world falls down and Narnia is washed away. then Aslan introduces the people who believed him and Narnia to a new Narnia where they say that “each chapter is better than the one before”after this C. S.  Lewis was planning to write another part of this book known as “Susan in Narnia”.in which he would relive the Susan’s part of coming to Narnia. but unfortunately he died before he could complete or start.

This is one of the best seller and one of the best story I have ever read,” where each chapter is better than the one before”. And a thrilling story but really hoped for the last chapter.

Prarthana Manoj



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