‘Stand Strong’ by Nick Vujicic

The wonderful book I have read is ‘STAND STRONG’ written by Nick Vujicic, an internationally – known motivational speaker and evangelist, celebrated for his extraordinary life despite being born limb less. This inspirational  book  was published by WaterBrook Press  first in the year 2001 in Colorado.

This book tells how we have to react when a person bullies us. In this book author says many ways to stand strong against bullies. He describes the ways to stand strong through eleven chapters. In all these chapters he includes many experiences  and stories he had experienced and  said by others.

Some of his bully defense systems are:

  • · Bullies can’t hurt us if we have defined ourselves. That is if we know whom we are and where we are going.
  •   Don’t give anyone else the power to make us feel badly.
  • We have to take responsibility for our own happiness.
  • We should have unshakable values and  have a plan for our life to be guided by those values.
  • Our strength should come within so that no bully can make us feel insecure.
  • We should love and believe our family and friends in such a way that they will always stand for us just as we will.  
  • We should be aware of our emotions, especially anger and fear, and we have to control our response to them so that we may stay positive in our thoughts and actions.
  • Our spiritual life should be strong and empowering. We should know that we are created for a good purpose and  are loved unconditionally. Where we are weak, our creator is strong.
  • We can find something positive to take away from every challenge including being bullied.
  • We should reach out to help others at every opportunity especially those who are being bullied in any way.

In Stand Strong, Nick Vujicic gives us strategies for developing a ‘ bully defense system’ to handle bullies  of all kinds by building our strength from the inside out. He also inspires  us by saying that if a man without limbs and legs like him can  become an international figure,  then anyone can release  the power to become all they were created to be.

My rating for this awesome book  written in simple and beautiful language is 100%. This book inspired me a lot. It helps us to prepare ourselves to successfully handle our bullies. This book also teaches us the importance of being empathetic than sympathetic. 

Reviewed by Harishree G.

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