‘Romi and the Wildfire’ by Ruskin Bond

“Romi and The Wild fire” is a different type of adventure of the boy Romi in the forest. Bond narrates how Romi is able to escape from the forest fire with Teju. Both are sensitive, energetic curious and innocent children. Bond underlines his distrust on destroying the forest and expresses his concern to safeguard the wealth of wild life and the greenery of the forest. The forest is the backdrop of this story. Children get enamored of Romi’s heroic aptitude. Packed with courage, confident, hope, intrepidity,helpfulness and coolness, Romi symbolizes Bondian humanism in helping his father’s recovery and rescuing Teju from the forest fire.Through out the story Bond makes his readers aware of the fact that nature is not always bird song and dew-drenched daffodils but it sometimes becomes red in tooth and claw as in “Sita and the River” and “Romi and the Wildfire”. The planned destruction of trees on mountain slopes in the name of progress and development is the theme of this short story. Bond charmingly documents the childhood activities through Romi and Teju.

Reviewed by Reema S., VIII D

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