‘Flute in the Forest’ by Leela Gour Broom


‘Flute in the Forest’ is a simple but mesmerizing tale of a young girl, Atiya, who stays in a sanctuary with her father, who is a forest officer. Although physically handicapped, she goes off on adventurous treks in different parts of the forest. Her mother, a famous dancer, left them for a career on the stage, when her hopes of seeing Atiya as a world famous dancer got shattered after Atiya was afflicted by polio. After that happened, her father stopped music from Atiya’s life so she didn’t get attracted to the stage like her mother. But young Atiya was adventurous. She liked to be in the forest rather than going to school where her friends teased her. She went to explore the paths inside the sanctuary many times even without her father knowing. She felt more comfortable in the natural surroundings of the sanctuary. While one such trip, she hears the melodious music of a flute in the forest. She was so mesmerized that she vows to learn to play the flute. And the flute was soon going to change young Atiya’s life. The story is very positive and has wonderful incidents and good feelings. The story has many other interesting characters too, like the Ogre Uncle Etc. The author has described the incidents in the forest very interestingly. The story is written effectively with simple language and good character values. It also shows a power that is there in music and passion towards one’s dreams. I like the characters of Atiya and Ogre Uncle. I recommend this book to all young readers.

Reviewed by Parvathy P.


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