‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green

 ”How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!”

Looking For Alaska by John Green is an amazing novel. It was nothing less than expected J.G to write. It is amazingly written and god-help-me those quotes are just out of the world. But after reading TFiOS  this book is a bit of disappointment, but still it has its own uniqueness too.

This book revolves around Miles (Pudge) who is in search for great perhaps and has a fascination with last words, ends up in the same boarding school his father attended. On his first day he meets his roommate Colonel (Chip) one of the most memorable character. Then he takes Miles to his circle of friends :- Takumi, a rap loving Japanese boy, Lara, a shy but sweet girl and then to Alaska, a witty, smart girl. They group study, they play pranks together, do all sorts of crazy things. And then slowly Miles starts falling in love with Alaska. But suddenly things start to change and the reader becomes aware of the fact that the students are on the path of something new, something life changing. The book is about the incidents which took place between ”One hundred and thirty-six days” ”Before” and ”One hundred and thirty-six days” ”After”. But then after ”Twenty day after” Miles and his friends are left with many questions about all those things which just took place and changed their lives. Could they have prevented what had just happened? if so, can they ever forgive themselves for what all had happened? They try to find the answers for these questions and while finding the answers they come in terms with grief, pain, sorrow, guilt, loss, and the need of living.

They were young, they were crazy, they were fun, they did some extremely crazy things, and in the end they are left with some amazing answers of many of life’s Big questions.

Friendship, Love,  Life, Death, Loss, Sorrow, Last words, Before, After, Finding the real meaning in Life and Labyrinth. This is what Looking For Alaska is all about.

People say that the best years of our life is when we are young, when we are teens, when we are in love, when we are with friends, when we act crazy, when we do crazy stuffs, when we are with our loved ones………………….. But some stories finish before we even blink but would stay with us forever.

”Before is so much fun but after is nothing ever the same.”

Reviewed by Prarthana Manoj


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