‘The Test of My Life’ by Yuvraj Singh

The test of my life is an autobiography of the former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh in which he describes the ups and downs of his career. It’s the story of his toughest days and how he managed to come out of it. It’s the story of not just his triumphs but one of the biggest setbacks and his comeback from a life – threatening cancer that could have ended his career. This book is dedicated by Yuvraj to his mother Shabnam Singh, who was with him through the thick and thin and in the worst moments of his life. The book gives an account of Yuvraj’s troublesome childhood when he did not want to be a cricketer but was forced in to the sport by his father Yograj Singh, another former international cricketer who could not achieve much success and wanted to fulfil his dreams through his son. This book contains of two stories, one of Yuvraj’s growing up and becoming one of the most successful cricketer of Indian cricket, becoming a role model for millions of people and other of him fighting cancer in Indianapolis, US , miles away from home in all the loneliness . In the first story he describes his growth as a cricketer and how he matured as a cricketer but in the second part it’s about how he changed and matured as a person, his growth as an individual. In this book he writes about his Ranji trophy campaign, his dream debut against Australia in 2oo1, his ODI career and unsuccessful test career. ON the days of 2o11 world cup he wasn’t feeling fit enough to play the game but his team mates convinced him to play and he played the match with cancer constantly coughing and not eating much and he hit Stuart Broad, fast bowler of England for six sixes in an over and made India the world cup 2o11 champions. The good news arrived when he was told by his doctor that the cancer was out and that he could go back to leading a normal life. In the last chapter he talks about his emotional return to cricket. For which the whole country was waiting but the return was not so easy, it took months of dedicated training at NCA, Bengaluru. This book is inspirational, joy to read. The book has been co- authored by Sharda Ugra and Nishant Jeet Arora. It’s not a book about the scoreboards, it’s about how life can turn a full circle and why it should never be taken for granted. I hope those who read this book will definitely enjoy and will be inspired by this.

Reviewed by Anagha Anil


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