‘Bella Donna: Cat Magic ‘by Ruth Symes


There lived a young witchling named Bella Donna. She was adopted by a witch named Lilith and then she came to Coven Road. She had no pets when she lived in Templeton Children’s home because pets were not allowed. But now she has five cats and her favorite cat was Pegatha. Pegatha was a tabby cat. She is very cute and was very friendly to Bella. Bella had two friends Sam and Angela. They too loved Pegatha. One day Pegatha accidently fell into Bella’s school bag, Bella didn’t see that Pegatha was inside her bag, she finds more difficult to lift the bag but she didn’t care. She went to school as usual. Her class started. Mrs. Pearce was taking the class. She was talking about Egyption cats and mummies. At that time Pegatha came out of Bella’s bag, she was surprised to see Pegatha. Pegatha jumped and started running here and there. Donna followed Pegatha but  Pegatha was running fast and jumped through a window. Bella looked around but she didn’t saw Pegatha. Bella was unhappy about her. She wished that Pegatha would be there in the home, she didn’t find her. She told everything to Lilith. Lilith tries her best to find Pegatha but she couldn’t. Bella’s friends neighbours and Lilith helped in her to find Pegatha but they couldn’t. She went to school as usual she was worried about Pegatha. Her classmates helped her in finding Pegatha.

On the way home she was still worrying about Pegatha. Instead of going home her normal way she turned down a street. She had never been down before. At that time she noticed a large old house with a sign that read “Bastets Cats Home”. Cats peeped out of the window and others played in the garden. She walked up the path and ranged the doorbell. A few minutes later the door opened by a lady her name was Amelia .She must have really liked rescuing cats because she had lots of them. Bella told all the things that what happened yesterday. The lady told me that yesterday a cat came, she is a tabby cat. Bella was very happy and she wished that it would be Pegatha. Yes it was Pegatha. Bella was so happy to see her. Bella informed Lilith, she came with her car to pick Bella and Pegatha. The news spread across the Coven Road. The great sorceress of Coven Road Zorelda had a conversation with Pegatha.  Zorelda told every resident in the Coven Road that there will be a pet’s party in the Coven Road. The party was very nice. Zorelda declared that Pegatha is a real witch’s cat and Bella Donna was selected as the lucky witch.  Lilith, Pegatha, Bella Donna and the four cats lived happily.

Reviewed by Avani Raj


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