‘Robison Crusoe’ by Daniel Defoe

The present edition of Robison Crusoe is written by Daniel Defoe edited with an introduction by Thomas Keymer and notes by James Kelly and Thomas Keymer. This book was published by Oxford Worlds Classics on 2008 in New York. This edition includes introduction ,textual notes, bibliography, chronologies ,maps, appendices, explanatory notes and glossary .

The novel is a fictional autobiography of a young man named Robinson Crusoe, who dreams of going on sea voyages. Defying his father, Crusoe sets out on an adventure that was to change his life. On the journey, misfortune strikes and the shop are attacked by Turkish Pirates and Crusoe is taken as a slave. After two years of slavery, he dramatically escapes and lands on an uninhabited island. The rest of the book tells us how Crusoe learns to live his life on an island for twenty seven years. While on the island, he finds a human foot print which is not his, and suspects to be that of cannibal barbarians. Crusoe even witness a human sacrifice where one of the men escapes from the barbaric act. Robinson Crusoe rescues him, and names him ‘Friday’ in remembrance of the day he saved him. Friday is taught to speak English and becomes a great help and companion to Crusoe in his lonely life.

Robinson finally escapes when a ship that has been a victim of mutiny arrives on the island. He helps the captain and the prisoners to retrieve the ship and eventually sets off back to London.

Reviewed by Bhavana Ajith


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