‘Mr Stink’ by David Williams

The book ‘Mr Stink’ is a hilarious story written by David Williams subdivided into twenty seven chapters. The story revolves around the life of a twelve year old girl Chloe and her new friend who is a tramp called Mr Stink.

The story first introduces Mr Stink who is a tramp. Mr Stink has his name because he is very stinky. He has a black little dog named Duchess. He says himself as a vagabond and nobody knows from where he came from. Nobody even spoke to him for once. But one day a twelve year old girl Chloe spoke to him. Chloe lived in a posh family where her mother, Mrs Crumb, controlled each and everything. They not even considered the likes and dislikes of Chloe. To make the situation even worst, her sister Annabelle was there, always becoming mother’s child. Chloe is a kind hearted girl but she doesn’t have any friends at her school. Very soon Chloe became friendly with Mr Stink. The twist in the story came when Chloe’s mother started campaigning for the post of local MP. One of the agendas was to remove homeless people from town. In order to protect Mr Stink, Chloe secretly keeps Mr Stink in there shed. But soon Mrs Crumb finds Mr Stink in the presence of a news reporter. The story goes through unexpected levels and the author succeeded in bringing a touch of emotion. Although the story is funny in nature, the author narrates a very serious topic which is the need of care and support parents should give to their children.

The language used is very simple. Also there are funny illustrations which will entertain the little readers. I recommend this book to all children who like humor.

Reviewed by Manjima Gopan


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