‘The Society of Thirteen’ by Gareth P. Jones

The book is ‘The Society of Thirteen’ is a marvelous piece of work written by Gareth P. Jones. The book goes through the possibilities of magic.

The story opens with the introduction of Lord Ringmore, who is in search for real magic and his encounter with an extraordinary book. The book has a number 13 on its front cover and shape of a circle within a triangle within a big circle on the back cover. On the same day he got hands on two thirteen year old orphans Tom and Esther who were trying to pickpocket him and made them do ran errands for him. Lord Silas Ringmore along with John Symmonds a linguist, Sir Augustus Tyrrell a politician, Mr G Hayman a novelist and Harry Clay an illusionist started the society of thirteen in order to decode the book and thereby attain eternity. Though they tried hard they were not able to make any meaning out of the book. Tom betrayed Lord Ringmore and helped a street boy Hardy in looting Ringmore’s house. Hardy took the book along with other households. Later the two orphans thought of a plan to take the book back from Hardy and Tom succeeded in it. While he went back to find Esther, Tom saw a magpie which was actually a conjurer of the past named Mondriat. He helped Tom to do the creation spell and made him a conjurer. By some of Tom’s acts Lord Ringmore got knowledge about Toms transition and they became aware that only a thirteen year old orphan can do creation spell and become conjurer. At the meantime Esther also became conjurer with the help of a black cat who was in past a conjuress named Olwyn. Both Tom and Esther found their own mirror and done their mirror spell to stabilise their power. Actually Olwyn was the one who wrote the book and in it she preserved the eternity spell.

As the story progresses, Harry Clay became greedy and he secretly made a boy named Brewer a conjurer. The story goes through mysterious twist including the mysterious deaths of John Symmonds and Hardy. At last the whole play comes to an end with the death of Lord Ringmore, Mr G Hayman and Sir Tyrrell. It comes out to be an unexpected end that Olwyn, who was believed to be a guardian of conjury, itself done all the deeds to vanish conjurers. She was the one who killed Esther’s mother and used her to accomplish the eternity spell. Olwyn and Mondriat took the body of Mr G Hayman and Lord Ringmore. They tried to destroy Tom and Esther but failed ending up in their own destruction.

The story is a great piece of work in the aspect of introduction of the term real magic in the minds of children. Author uses a very elegant language in which he introduces the words conjury, infection, earth soul etc. I recommend this book to those who love fiction, magic and imagination.

Reviewed by Malavika Gopan


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