‘The Story of Amulet’ by E. Nesbit

“There were once four children who spent their summer holidays in a white house, happily situated between a sandpit and a chalkpit….”

The Story of the Amulet written by E.Nesbit is a classic time-travel adventure. Edith is admired for her abilities to combine humour with real-life situation and elements of magical fantasy. This book is the third in the Psammead series. Four children- Cyril (squirrel), Anthea (panther), Robert (bob or bobs) and Jane (pussy) are left under the care of a nurse as their father is away in Manchuria to telegraph news about the war to the tiresome paper he wrote for. And mother along with her baby were away in Madeira as she was ill. The children go shopping, to escape from boredom and also to cheer themselves up. They find a Psammead or a sand-fairy in a pet shop and rescue it from there. To thank them, the Psammead or Sammy as the children call it, leads them to an amulet or rather half an amulet. The half has the power to take the children back in time search for the other half. The complete amulet can give them their hearts’ desire. The children time travel looking for the lost half. Will the children get their hearts’ desire? The children find themselves in tight spots frequently. The book is very exciting and fantastic, and I am sure the reader will never get bored. I rate this book 4 out of 5.

Reviewed by Reshma Karthikeyan


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