‘To the Blue King’s Castle’ by Prasenjit Gupta

The story To the Blue King’s Castle by Prasenjit Gupta is a magical adventure that happens to a normal girl Ritu. For Ritu, it was just an ordinary day until she reached the mall of America to hang out with her friend Mary Jane. In the mall of America, her normal ride down the escalator turns into an adventure of a lifetime as she ends up in the underground forest. There she meets the resident magician Serendipitous, his assistant Blanc-Noir and Priscilla the precisian.

Together they start their journey to the Blue King’s Castle to bring back the Dodgson’s box where the happy spirits have been locked. After the mapmaker gives them the map to the castle, which had been repaired by the Word Doctor they start on their journey .The journey is full of obstacles and danger. The road to the castle leads them through the outcast’s village, the Stranger’s Paradise, Girnewala Falls, Tilak Bridge, Mediapolis, Dilli and through the Bureaucrat’s maze. On their journey, they meet Naarod who presents them with his mantra. Professor Cliché also assists them by dropping them on his Emoto-Mobile, which runs on high-octane emotions. Adventure lover Ritu captures and brings back the happy spirits with great difficulty while simultaneously reforming the Blue King.

This book takes us away from reality and helps us to participate in Ritu’s adventures so much so that Ritu’s victory becomes ours too.

Reviewed by Abhoumika Bijudith


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