‘Five Children and It’ by E. Nesbit

This story is a heart-warming tale about an imaginary creature called Psammead ,who has the power to grant wishes.It lasts only as long as the sun is visible.

The novel begins when a group of five children –Robert, Anthea, Cyril,Jane and their baby brother Lamb moving from London to the English country side.While playing in a gravel-pit they discover an ancient and rather grumpy sand-fairy known as Psammead, who agrees to grant one wish of theirs per day.

All the wishes go comically wrong.One wish after another goes badly for the children,when they wish for wings , they get stuck on the roof of a church.When they wish for beauty, they are shut out their own house.When they wish for riches ,they get it but can’t spend it.

At last the children beg Psammead for a complex series of wishes to set things right.Only Anthea,made sure that the final wish is that they will meet it again.The Psammead assures them that this wish will be granted.Of course, all ends well by twilight,when their wishes go away.

This is a delightful book for the most part.But all in all it’s a wonderful and easy book to read.

Reviewed by M. J. Samyuktha Chandran


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