‘The Last Poem’ by Rabindranath Tagore

This book is about a love story of two adult called Amit Roy and Lavanya.

The novel recounts the love story of Amit Roy a Barrister and he educated in Oxford he is opposition to all forms of tradition. He met lavanya in a car accident and the romance build up in the misty hills of shillong. The novel is primarily set in shillong. Lavanya sincere simplicity is expressed through a series of poems that they write for each other.

After building up there affair and obtaining the blessings of Lavanyas employer Yoga Maya (Lavanya served her daughter and shared a close relationship and she was considered Lavanya’s real guardian), the lovers decided to marry without the air of tragedy. The reason appears that they feel that daily chores of living together will kill the purity of their romance.

Most barbarians equate marriage with union there after with contempt. Lavanya realize Amits own submerged depth of sincerity which he find hard to adjust to the struggle that makes him a curiously pathetic figure. The tragedy is understood by the girl who realizes him from his troth and disappear from his life .

This book tells us about the true love of Amit and Lavanya. Shesher Kavita  translated  ‘the last poem’, an unique amalgamation of poetry. When I read this book I find hidden meanings from each sentence. Those who like to read the real love that come from mind should read this book.

Reviewed by Sauparnika chandran M. J.


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