‘The Brown Fairy’ by Andrew Lang

This is a wonderful book written by Andrew Lang.The author is a poet, novelist and literary critic,also he is best known as one of the important collections of folk and fairy tales.

This book contains 15 fascinating fairy tales. Coming from all over the world ,including Europe,Australia,India,Persia,Africa,the Island of New Caledonia and Brazil..Majority of the stories are connected with forest life .Most of the stories are full of fantasy .Out of these 15 stories my favorite story is ”Father Grumble”.I like this story because of the fantasy of the story .This is the story of a man who had nearly as many children as there were sparrow in the garden.He has to work all the day except Sunday.He has often tired and cross and abused everything and everything , so that people called him ‘Father Grumbler’.He got a basket that gave him the food he want.Then he told this to the wine keeper and his wife .Then his wife stole the basket carefully and gave him the another basket.When he came to home and he spell the magical spell.The basket didn’t gave anything.Then he went to holy man and that his basket had stolen.The holy man gave him a cock that gave him the gold and diamonds .Then also he went to the wine keepers home and said them about this .Now also his wife stole the cock and gave him a ordinary cock. He went to his home and the cock didn’t work .Then with angry he went to the holy man and said it didn’t work.The holy man gave him a stick and now you want to go to the wine keepers house and say that if you lie anything from me, the stick will chop your head.He went to them and said ,then the wine keepers wife said sorry to him and gave him the basket and the cock.He went to his home and told then  about it .There after  Father Grumblers family lived with happy.This is   one of the story in the book.There are so many story like  this.

This book provides rich insight into the lives and cultures of different people.The language of the book is easy to understand and lively.The tales are enriched with beautiful illustration.I suggest this book to all those who like to read fairy tales.I gave this book 4 out of 5 .                         

Reviewed by Gowri Manoj 


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