‘Chronicle of a death foretold’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

‘Chronicle of a death foretold’ is a mesmerizing work by the Spanish novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez who was born in Aracataca , Columbia, in 1928. He worked as a reporter in the Columbian newspaper he is the author of several novels and collections of stories many of his books are published by `Penguin’. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982….

The narrator begins with the morning of Santiago Nasars death………..

Santiago Nasar lived with his mother Placida Linero ,cook-Victoria Guzman and her daughter Divina Flor . Santiago Nasar took over the successful family ranch after the death of his father Ibrahim ….

The day of his death also was the day on which the bishop had planned to come on boat to bless the marriage of Angela Vicario who was the 1st wife of Santiago Nasar and Bayardo San Romane – He was a foreigner who came in search of a bride and saw Angela and fell in love with her but before the marriage he found that Angela was not a virgin and returned his bride to her parents quietly . in the family’s disgrace Angela’s twin brothers Pedro and Pablo started planning the murderous revenge against Santiago …..

On a fine morning the Vicario twins set out for town and repeatedly announcing the plan to the whole town. despite the fact that the whole town knows about the murder know one bothered to warn Santiago because no one could find him and was excited for the bishops arrival . Clotilda Armenta attempts to inform the mayor but she was ignored .Santiago’s friend went to warn him but it was too late the vicario twins already reached there and started knifing the young man continuously after some time they went away …….

At the end Santiago Nasar walks into his house fully soaked in blood through the back door of the kitchen and saw his mother for the last time ……

This book was published by` Penguin’ publications in English in 1983 and was translated by Grogory Rabassa .On this a Romanian short film was made in 2007and a on the big screen, it came in a Spanish language film titled THE CHRONICLE OF A DEATH FORETOLD……….

Reviewed by Garimaa Shine


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