‘Goal, Butterfingers!’ by Khyrunnisa A.


The book titled ‘Goal, Butterfingers!’ written by Khyrunnisa A. is a mesmerizing novel. If you were a Tinkle reader ,Butterfingers must be a character you’d be well acquainted with, and may be a favorite too. ’Goal, Butterfingers!’ is Khyrunnisa ’s second book in the Butterfingers series.

This story tells us mostly about some funny aspects and funny experiences of students of Green Park school. The most prominent character of this novel is Amar Kishen. Amar Kishen or Butterfingers,as he is popularly called, has a penchant for dropping things –he can send anything flying even people flying by touching them. It is also a story of how kids make it big in the world of grownups. These children have got their stuff right-be it football, environmental activism ,or bunking for a ”greater good”.

The story revolves around a gang of students of class 8 A, planning to hold a “World Cup” football tournament in their school. First, the problem for holding the tournament was their principal. But finally they handles this problem diplomatically and settles it. After getting the permission to hold the tournament from their principal, they started making plans for the World Cup. Another problem in their way, was Ms Brinda Deshpande, who the children called Sourpuss because of her rude nature. Sourpuss appeared in their school as their new English teacher and she puts a stop to football practice. To top it all, their Princi hands out match bans when Amar and his friends participated in a protest rally, trying to prevent a pesticide factory from coming up. In between football matches were organised. The climax of this story is very surprising and what happens is that the people trusted to be good turns bad and the people trusted to be bad turns good and Ghana ie.8 A lifted World Cup.

The best part of the story is the climax because it is unpredictable and amusing. My favorite character throughout this story was Amar. I really enjoyed reading this book and I suggest this book to young readers because I hope that this book would surely leave you smiling at its happy end. This novel is also comical.

It scored a big goal in my mind!

Reviewed by Janaki Sudhir


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