‘Around the World in 80 Days’ by Jules Verne

“AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS” is a really really adventurous book which is written by the father of science fiction and the writer who is the lover of adventure-Jules Verne.It was published by- Peter Haddock Ltd, Bridlington,England.It has 37 chapters and 239 pages.

The story is all about as it’s name suggests.Yes,it’s all about travelling all around the world by the protagonist,Mr.Phileas Fogg,along with his manservant-Jean Passepartout according to a wager made by Mr.Fogg at his reform club.In the first chapter itself we get to know the character of Mr.Fogg in detail.The writer has described him as an enigmatic personality.He had neither children nor a wife.He had no friends or relatives.He lived alone.He had his lunch and dinner at his reform club.He led a very disciplined and systematic life.Then comes the new male servant of Savile row[Mr.Fogg’s house]-Jean Passepartout.Passepartout is said to be a meek and fine fellow who wanted a master who led an ordered life and a person who wanted a master who had never slept out or travelled or left home,even for a day.But things became just the opposite of what he had thought.In the first day of his service itself, his master commanded him to go with him for travelling around the world in 80 days.Then it’s all about travelling.After that only three more characters are introduced in the story-Mr. Fix-the detective, Brigadier general-Sir Francis Cromarty and Aouda-the indian women.Aouda was the daughter of a rich merchant in Bombay.When her father died,she was married to a king of Bundelkhand.

Three months after her marriage, she became a widow.In those days,sati system was there in India,in which the wife has to jump into the fire in which her husband’s dead body is burned.When Aouda was about to do this sacrifice,Mr.Fogg saved her life.At the end of this adventurous story,Mr.Fogg of course wins the bet and he brings Aouda to Savile row as his wife…this wonderful book also teaches us a lesson that- NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE……   

Reviewed by Aryananda B. S.


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