‘Anne of Avonlea’ by L. M. Montgomery

This book covers the second chapter in the life of Anne Shirley. She lives with Marilla, her guardian. She is about to start teaching in the Avonlea school, and she also continues her studies with her friend. In this book, first Anne introduces her neighbor, Mr. Harrison. First Anne thought that MR. Harrison was a bad man, but when she had gone to talk to him about the cow incident, she came to know that he was a nice person.

Then she started her teaching in the Avonlea school. She came up with students with different behavior, but she liked a boy named Paul Irving very much. She also says about his father Paul Irving and divorced wife Lavender. She then introduces Davy and Dora, Marilla’s third cousin. They came there for a short stay. But their uncle postpones the trip to collect them, and he eventually dies. After that Anne and Marilla was happy to know that the twins will be with them. Anne with her friends meet Miss Lavender Lewis, she was sweet but was all alone. She wsa 40 years old and was engaged to Paul’s father 25 years ago.

Anne faces many troubles like teaching in the Avonlea school, raising Dora and Davy, and in the Avonlea Village Improvement Society. Towards the end of the book, Mrs. Rachel Lynde’s husband dies and she moves in with Marilla. They also allow Anne to go to college at last. And at the end Mr. Paul Irving returns and marry Miss Lavender. At last, Anne matures slightly, but she always get into a number of troubles.

Reviewed by Aswathy A.


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