‘Delhi is not far’ by Ruskin Bond

The story is about the narrator Arun who lives at Pipal Nagar and he is very tensed because at Pipal Nagar it is very dusty and writes some Urudu trillers ‘Jasoos’ and ‘rhoon’ some where his own but the others were the free translation from the English authors .the author had a composition with the languages he was brought up in hindu family in a muslim city and in a english school. In pipalnagar the author was not alone but he had so many people lie in his balcony where in the rainy season there tea shop boys and one begger his best friend was Suraj.

Suraj came to the authors life in an accident where Suraj had fits where the author and Suraj was impressed by the Delhi near to the. In pipalnagar the author gets love with a young prostitute who is a wife of ‘Seth Govind ram’s ‘ employ the author loved but she loved suraj . In Pipal Nagar June is the is most hottest month and everyone at the mohalla would be restless . In June at night the author goes out for a walk . At that time he saw a chowkidar (watch man of the street ) who cries (khabardar ). Later for a rilief from the Pipal Nagar because of earthquake and for suraj’s good study they planned and went to the hillstation where they enjoyed and suraj one time had a fits and made the author’s had bitten and the result of exam . Suraj was tensed and the author went to look the, result and saw suraj’s name at the first and the success ‘s list. And the author was called for a interview at Delhi where he asked everyone and at last kamala gave it from one his coustumer .

And the author got a job at Delhi and wrote a letter to his Suraj at Pipalnagar and after two years the author came to the things changed he saw all of them his friends except kamala because she was at her house . The author went there to her home and saw her and talked and came back to Pipalnagar .

Now he doesn’t want to get to Delhi.

Reviewed by Sreelashmi M. M.


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