‘Roads to Mussoorie’ Ruskin Bond

ROADS TO MUSSOORIE is a memoir which is based on the surroundings of the writer and the significance they play in the writer’s life of over forty years.

With the dearest affection and nostalgia for his home town, Ruskin Bond, in the book, describes his many journeys to, from and around Mussoorie. He also digs out some incidents from his memory related to his daily life in the sleepy hill town. This collection of nostalgic pieces are bound by a sense of humor and often deals with ordinary and unnoticed details which are away from the central light, most often essential to the geographic, cultural and social fabric of a place. The book is very interesting and suitable for readers of all ages.

I would suggest the book to all my friends who admires and loves reading.

Reviewed by Nyma Nazreen


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