‘Silver Chair’ (Chronicles of Narnia) by C. S. Lewis

The Silver Chair is a fantasy story by C.S LEWIS published by GEOFFREY BLES in 1953. It is volume six in the recent editions. This story is illustrated by PUALINE BAYNES.

The Silver Chair tells the story of the rescue of PRINCE RILIAN,King Caspians’ son from an evil “LADY” who is in truth an evil serpent.

The story goes like this-

JILL is feeling sad because of her dreadful school. EUSTACE tries to comfort her with stories about the enchanted country , the land of Narnia he’d visited the previous holidays, they decides to go to Narnia where their adventure begins at the top of a cliff and eustace falls down.ASLAN the lion saves Eustace by blowing  him to the land of Narnia. He gives four signs to jill and gives her the task of rescuing the lost prince rilian who disappered while seeking the serpent who killed his mother. In the land of Narnia they had an exciting adventure.They where guided by a marsh-wiggle named PUDDLEGLUM. At first they go off to the north, to the land of dumb but evil giants.Later they come to the land of gentle giants and the city of harfang, where they are warmly welcomed only to have them as the dish in the autumn feast. They then escapes from there and hide in a hole in the ground. They find themselves falling underground where they are captured by GNOMES. Eustace,jilland puddle glum are then introduced to the LADY OF THE GREEN KIRTLE who rules the underground landand her knight.The knight turns out to be the prince Rilian who sometimes are bounded in the SILVER CHAIR. The children releases the king rilian who later kills the lady of green kirtle. He later finds out that the serpent who killed prince rilian’s mother is actually the lady of green kirtle. Eustace,Jill and the prince return to aslan and to the king Caspian. Aslan sends the children to their world back with a lot of exciting memories OF THEIR ADVENTURE IN NARNIA.

Reviewed by Sreerakhi Menon C.


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