‘Swami and Friends’ by R. K. Narayan

I have read a book called “Swami and Friends” written by R.K.Narayan. The story tells about a ten year old boy called swami and his adventures. Swami’s family was a nuclear family consisting of mother, father, grandmother, brother and swami. He tells all the things that had happen in his school to his grandmother and was particular to tell who Rajam [one of swami’s friend] was.

Swami’s greatest day was when examinations were over and vacation started. Once Swami was cheated by a coachman and Swami, Rajam and Mani [his friends] tried to trap but it failed. Swami’s greatest passion was Malgudi Cricket Culb which was founded together with his friends. Swami landed in trouble when he was carried away by the more serious unrest of India in 1930. Somehow he gets himself expelled from two schools in succession, when things went out of his hand, he was forced to run away from. When he wanted to come back, he was afraid and became unconscious. A cart driver and a forest officer helped him and returned to his parents.

It is a very good readable book.

Reviewed by Meghana A R


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