‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat

Once upon a time there lived a Bihari boy Madhav Jha.He and his mom runs a rural  school in their village.He goes to St Stephan’s collage for higher studies.All the students knows to speak English he was mostly admitted in Hindi.He was a good state player in basket ball.He joined on the very first day on the collage he finds in the court a tall, beautiful girl named Riya playing basket ball.The ball hit by chance and she told to pass the ball he passed.Riya somani was to about to fail the game.And they got a  short break that Madhav had told her more tips by that chance they became best friends.

All the time they walked together shared everything like best buddies.One day Madhav asked  Riya will you be my girl friend,she told no i want be your girlfriend and all.  Madhav tried to kiss her.And she finally agree to be his half girlfriend,But Madhav needs a relationship.Still the friends were so close.One day again Madhav miss behaved to Riya. Riya didn’t liked that incident she told to her friends too they ordered her to stop this friendship.And friendship for Riya ended and relationship for Madhav  had broken up.Madhav ones went for her birthday party there he had met Rohan, Riya’s cousins she introduced by saying my cousin and my rakhi brother but still he  proposed her.And finally there marriage got fixed.Riya had dropped studies in St  Stephan’s collage for ever.She went with her husband in London.For one and a half years the life moved smoothly and after Riya had a un-adjustable life there.Riya finally came to know that Rohan is a bad guy  and she understood he has an another affair.She came back to her family.She got divorced with Rohan.And shewent to patna in Bihar for her business work.Madhav studies over and he went to his house in Bihar.Madhav  went to Patna to study spoken English main propose to study a good speech.And their he saw Riya standing he actually came for to meet some guys  which her friend had suggested. As oldly they became friends again a rejoin friends.Still Madhav wants a relationship with Riya.He told to Riya about the speech in the school.So,Riya got interested in teaching him the speech.Riya prepared a speech and teached him day by day.He welcomed Riya to his house in Dumraon.She told one day i will be coming finally it happened she went to his house.And Madhav’s mom did not liked her.His mom automatically came  to know that she is a divorced girl,she don’t like Riya’s dressing style and all.And the function with the Bill gates and Ojha was on that day the last  day of meeting Riya for Madhav.His mom told to Riya to get lost from her son.the last night for them had already hovered one day just before the function.On the function day she wore a blue saree.It was much beautiful than ever.Madhav had given the speech and Bill Gates were immersed.Suddenly he noticed Riya was missing from his eyes.He was searching for her everywhere.Student in the school gave him a letter containing I want meet you ever please dont try to catch me plzz!!He told this whole story to Chetan Bhagat Sir.[And gave Chetan sir some journals written by Riya) Chetan sir advised him to go behind her.Chetan sir had forced him to read Riya’s journals which she hah felt in her room.Chetan sir encouraged him to find Riya He took 3 months internship and went to New York.[The reason he choose new York city because ones Riya had told him the dream that she want to be a singer in a bar in the New York city.]
His one of the collage mate was there named Shaliesh with his wife he stayed there. Two months continuously he had been searching for Riya into his life.For past three years he was SINGLE!! In hundreds and hundreds of bars he had been searching he didn’t find her.He was mad of searching her.He was searching in the night.His friends finally  told him to stop searching Riya and Madhav had promised to his friends.The days are nearer to go from this wonderful city.So,His friends gave him a surprise party. 

While enjoying the party he had message from Erica his friend messaging him ‘Checking out from muzic and jazz’ and he had replied.He remembered about brochures given by Daisy.He sat and checked it were a bundle of papers.A5size paper.It was on the  alphabetic order.By checking he reached the letter R and he saw a name RAY commenting like ‘a sparkling new voice in the New York scene according to the village voice, RAY could rather talk about where she is going than where she comes from.This tall exotic beauty sings as good as she looks recording the daily news’.And suddenly Madhav fixed it was his Riya.He planned to go for that show broadways shows,a food festival, a jazz and music fest.He had checkout from his party.He went to the bus stop no bus, no taxi nothing to reach near Riya so he thinks that if I miss this chance that is a great failure.So he began to ran running and running with his whole afford finally he reached the music jazz at 11;56 the program was still 12 o clock.It was amazing  seen to see Riya on the stage singing the song with her eyes closed.He went to the stage and met Riya.Riya stopped singing and looked Madhav very curiously.They both started  crying.Riya realized that Madhav was a sincere lover. Riya picked him to her room.They hangout there.They both get married.Went to Madhav house.The rural poor school became the best school.They had son Shyam.Chetan sir came to school on the inauguration on the basketball court.Madhav told now me and Riya runs the school Rani shabiha his mom is busy looking Shyam.MAGIC OF LOVE IS TRUE SOULMATES WILL BE ONE!!!!!

I suggest all my friends,sisters,brothers,readers to read this story ones…THIS STORY IS VERY ROMANTIC VERY ONE WILL LIKE THIS STORY!!!!

Reviewed by Gauri G


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