‘Six Suspects’ by Vikas Swarup

Seven years ago Vivek Rai  “vicky”, the play boy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh murdered a bar attender Ruby Gill at a hotel, simply because she refused to serve him a drink. The case became too serious that it ended up in supreme court. Vicky was acquitted due to his fathers influence. This became the main talk of the country.

Vicky arranges a party to celebrate his acquittal. Now, Vicky rai has been killed at the party.the police found out six guest with guns in their possession

There six suspects,each with a motive.a famous investigative journalist,Arun Adwani makes it his mission to nail the murderer.in the six suspects,there is a corrupt bureaucrat who claims to have become Mohandas Gandhi;an US tourist who thinks he is about to marry a pen friend,not knowing what lies ahead;an onge tribes man who tires to recover a stolen stone from his island;a superficial Bollywood actress ; A thief who steals mobile phones and find himself mired in something bigger than he could handle;a politician who would stoop as slow as needed to conquer(he is also Vicky’s dad)

Vikas Swarup reveals the lives and motives of the six suspects,offering and insight into the heart of contemporary India through a series of thrilling climax the author reveals the real culprit.

It is indeed a great work by Vikas Swarup.i recommend this book to all who love suspense thrillers.my rating is 4/5.

Reviewed  by Niranjana R. Nair


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