‘The Journey to the Center of the Earth’ by Jules Verne

Jules Gabrielle Verne (24 March 1905) is popularly known for the famous science fictions “Around the world in 80 days”, “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea” and “The Journey to the Center of the Earth”.It is popularly said that Jules Verne brings science to life in a fantastic and an exiting manner. The book I chose for the FAB challenge was the Jules Verne masterpiece “The Journey to the Center of the Earth”.This book is surely a brilliant one with all sorts of tales which keep us captivated . When started it might look as it is not worth reading but after some time we wont be able to put it down that easily.

The journey to the center of the earth unlike most of the other adventurous books is basically a mystic,heroic tremendous description of the channels of science we never thought of and the stories of three people-a geologist a boy and a guide .

This extraordinary science fiction revolves around the story of an eccentric geologist Otto Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel who find a old document which says how to get to the center of the earth.Their wonderous trip is accompanied by a guide Hans.They descend to the center of the through a volcano only to face troubles ,get stuck in an endless sea,meet animals never seen before,skulls showing the presence of inhabitants ,lo and behold a human being itself  and at last finally their destination the center of the earth.They get out of the center through yet another volcano when it was erupting. They reach the sea level of the center only to receive fame and honour in the society.

This wonderful story is immensely touching and a paragon of science, fun, and life .As a single word answer this book is awesome. I strongly recommend this book to acquire a perfect 10|10.

Reviewed by Maithily Warrier

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