‘The Adventures of Tintin ‘ by Herge

I read the book the adventures of Tintin volume-3.It consists of 3 books.The broken ear,the black island,and king ottomans Sceptre.This book is written by Georges Prosper Remi (Herge),a Belgian cartoonist.This book is published by 1975 Egmont UK limited.This book is published in about 45 languages including Hindi and these 45 are published by several other book companies. the book has 195 pages. tintin is a reporter.the broken ear is a story of a fetish of Arumbayas who live along the banks of the river coliflar in the republic of santheodoros and it goes missing by 2 thieves, Alonso Perez and Ramón bada.

the black island is about a secret island. the villians are Dr.Muller,Pushchov and Ivan.the next one is the Ottokars Sceptre ,it is the story of a Sceptre of Ottokar IV who said the words “ein bennet,ein bravet”.it is a history that who is having the Sceptre the king is removed and  the holding one with Sceptre will be announced as the king.

I mark it as a 4 out of 5 story.

Reviewed by Aravind Krishnan


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