‘I Have A Dream’ by Rashmi Bansal


This book starts with an interesting quote said by Martin Luther king Junior “I have a Dream…. that one day all of the god’s children will be able to join hands and sing…..free at last ! Free at last! Thank god almighty, we are free at last. From there she has beautifully presented the life of 20 social entrepreneurs.

The change starts with one person and that person maybe you. Arvind Kejriwal did it. Bindeshwar Pathak did it and like that many. All the above mentioned idealists started their battle along. Rashmi Bansal had divided the idealists into three

1. Rainmakers   2. Change makers   3. Spiritual Capitalists

By Rainmakers she meant that social enterprises which generate revenues but where profit is not the primary motive. This is a new breed of entrepreneurs ; A new model of ‘doing good and not mere charity.

By change makers, she meant that ‘a single person is all it starts a movement while the world laments ‘What is the change makers takes a small step towards making it as it should be.

By spiritual Capitalists, she meant that the ideal of service maybe old fashioned But there are individuals who still choose to live by it, because they believe purity of purpose of spirit can transient every limitation. All the twenty entrepreneurs committed to different cause, but they have one thing in common ; a belief that principles of management, can and must be used to achieve a greater common good.The story I felt really interesting was Arvind Kejriwal’s. Kejriwal was an IRS officer. He waged a secret war against his own department. This campaign under the banner is ‘Parivarthan’. The later pioneered use of RTI (Right to Information Act) to empower citizen. His dream is to see ” true democracy” where ordinary people regain the right6 to regain themselves.

Inspiration comes from every page of the book. We often see some great people, their work and accomplishments but we are never aware of real truth about hard work and sacrifices they have made and this book does that.

This book say one thing loud and clear change starts with one person and that person could be someone next door. I recommend this book to all of you. My rating is 4/5.

Reviewed by Viji V. R.


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