‘Swapnalok Society-The Summer of cool’ by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

e69ae3f58e4e72ef0b012ed98e7ce532281f892bThe bubbly girl who was seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa,Jazbaat,Vaade Irade and many more including our very own Malayalam film – Kilukkampetti starring Jayaram as the male lead debut maker Suchitra Krishnamoorthi establishes herself as a writer who will be loved by readers of all ages by the story of Chithrangana varma, a brown-eyed 9 year old,a precocious liar in her imagination. The summer of cool is a hip,funny story about friends,family and finding true love. It is the first book in the exciting new series ‘ swapnalok society ‘ .

Chithrangana is longing for her mother’s love since her father had ‘ disappeared ‘ ( for her ) . All she wants is her mother’s love, grow her hair below knees and become a bathroom decorator. But deep down she really wants to find her father. Because for her, he is the one who could surely set everything alright in her life. The writer projects the will power and the hope of a small girl who wants to fulfill her thirst for her father and her mother’s affection. Her life is like living in hell for her, tired of her mother’s abnormal and strict behaviour. The only person in her family who she admires the most is her 17 year old charming pretty sister Smitha Varma.

How Chithrangana aka chitty is after her will to find her father and is always ready to do whatever for finding him forms the crux of the story.

The story of ‘ the summer of cool’ gets more interesting and funny by the happenings in Swapnalok society. By which the writer makes the story feel natural and true. The people in Swapnalok Society,who used to be so caring and affectionate to each other becomes selfish rather than helpful.

And when Ammama, her patty grandmother, lands up from the village, her life becomes even more exciting. Then on her birthday, her sister gifts her a doll-sapna which looks exactly like her and speaks words which only Chitrangana can hear…

The entry of Sapna add fantasy to the story still making it look natural, armed with Sapna, Chitrangana runs away from her home into the mean streets of downtown Mumbai looking for her father from where the real adventure and hardship faced by the little girl is described which turns the reader’s mind emotional. The climax of the story turns everything right in Swapnalok society as well in the life of Chithrangana and her family ( as wished by her ).


Reviewed by Meenakshi Madhu

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