‘City Of Joy’ by Dominique Lapierre

City Of Joy is a 1985 novel  by  which revolves around the tribulations of a Polish Priest , Fr.Stephen Kovalski ,the hardships of the displaced rickshaw puller ,Hasari Pal and the experiences of an American doctor,Max Loeb in Calcutta.

The book chronicles not only; the separation of the different levels of poverty,caste divisions and the differences of the many  religions living in the slums.It touches on Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Mercy as well.While the book has its ups and downs ,both beautiful and horrific,an overall feeling of peace and well being is achieved by the story’s end.Despite facing hunger ,deplorable living conditions,illness, bone breaking work and death,the people still hold on the belief that the life is precious and worth living ,so much so that they named their slum “Anand Nagar” or “City Of Joy”.

The 1992 film adaption was directed by Roland Joffe,staring Patric Swayze.The book received Christopher Award in 1986 ,given for creative work that exhibits the highest values of the human spirit.
I rate this book 3 out of 5 and recommend this book to all book lovers.

Reviewed by Sandra Joy


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