‘Runaway’ by Alice Munro

51mOYscOU5L._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_The book which I choose for my Fab challenge is Runaway written by Alice Munro. It was first published on 2004. This book was awarded the year’s Giller prize and Roger writers’ thrust fiction price. Runaway is a book of extraordinary collections of short stories about love and surprises.                                                                                           

The title story is about a young woman who thinks that she is incapable of living with her husband. She runs out of her house thinking that she cannot live with him.                                                                                           

The second story is about a young girl Juliet. She goes to Britain to find a job. When she return back home she have a troubled relation with her parents and her daughter Penelope.                                                             

The third story is about a young girl who works in a hotel and faces a lot of challenges in her life.                                                             

This book is about the challenges faced by present day women. I rate this book for out of five stars. I also recommend it to all my friends who love to face challenges in life.                                                                                           

Reviewed by Devika.P.Santhosh                                                                                          

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