‘Bye bye Blackbird’ by Anita Desai

index-1Bye – Bye blackbird is a novel, authored by Anita Desai.  The story showcases the life of the immigrants, who suffers a mixed feeling of love and hate towards their adopted country, in an alien society. It examines the plight of Indian immigrants in London. The term blackbird used in the title of the book is referred to the immigrants to whom the people of London want to say goodbye.  The author explores the adjustment and feelings that the people from India face their.

The author had divided the story totally into three parts-Arrival, revelation and perception and finally abandonment. The book has given immense proudness  and happiness to the writer as she got Sahitya Academy Award for this book. The author describes about the beautiful London and the busy lives of the people there. The characters of the book are not so real but it truly undergoes the real problems, the immigrants face in the country. The story revolves around three characters – Arecent immigrant refusing to fit in and looking at those who do with scorn, an immigrant trying to belong and loving everything about the new place. And a ‘native’ who marries an immigrant. The story is a kind of not so interesting but still it contains a beautiful meaning in it.

The readers will definitely find a resemblance with their own life those who stay outside their own country, especially Indians.

I rate this book 3/5. I loved reading this book and I hope that you would also like the idea that the book would provide.

Reviwed by Anagha Anil



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